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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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"Anyway, to clear up your solution to the promenade - did you mean that the corridor is like a double-wide area, with chairs, tables and portholes hidden from view on the right?

Yes, that's the basic idea but the width of that (unseen) area will be determined where on Deck 10 the transition to the circular elements will occur.

Here is now the deck plan draft for Engineering Deck 9:

As we have moved up further there's less deck space especially overhead. The turbo lift at 7 o'clock is the one who delivered Kirk, Spock and McCoy to this deck in The Ultimate Computer (and is also the transfer point to a vertical shaft tube going to the lower decks):

The red door (where the turbo lifts used to be in Season One) has no turbo lift sign above but this scene from Is There In Truth No Beauty?

clearly tells us that a turbo lift has to be there, too, though Billy Blackburn is probably not to happy about that in this scene (I like the turbo lift "exit only" idea inspired by the blue doors only turbo lifts from The Naked Time).

While the text notes on the draft cleverly hide my current lack of imagination what to put port and starboard of the warp engine room there's obviously one issue I'm having with the GNDN "energizers", "power converters" or "reactors" (in Day of the Dove Spock located the alien entity near "reactor number three". This could also refer to the matter-antimatter reactor of the warp engine room below the deck floor as TOS suggested repeatedly that the warp nacelles themselves contain matter-antimatter reactors. I strongly recommend the thread of Blssdwlf which focused on this issue and I link to page 35 where I attempted a thread overview If you're a Techno-Trekker and haven't been there yet, you may think it's already Christmas ).

The different positioning of the "energizers" or "power converters" in Season One is something I'd attribute to the time pressure of production and/or intent to use the same set to represent either the impulse engine room (e.g. Space Seed) or the warp engine room (e.g. Enemy Within, Naked Time).

But by Season Two (and definitely by the end of Season Three) the producers should have made up their mind how many of these "energizers" they'd like to have in the warp engine room:


...or just one / none?!?

I take these set dressing discrepancies as a strong hint, that these energizers are not permanently fixed to the floor of the warp engine room and find it almost inevitable not to conclude that these have merely been brought up from the lower energizer corridors for maintenance works (thanks to ENT for having made that suggestion available!).

Another oddity I couldn't ignore was Chekov's strange report in The Tholian Web that he had been to "life support". Strange, because the editing of the episode suggested "life support" to look like this:

We know from By Any Other Name that the set used for "life support" was the Auxilary Control Room and Mara located "life support" in Day of the Dove on (main) Deck 6.

The studio set we see is, of course, the Emergency Manual Monitor with an energizer in the left background. However, the panel looks rather empty compared to the tinkering in the previous screencaps and we can't really tell whether the ladder Chekov stands on ends here or not.

There are multiple options:
1. Chekov has just been to the Environmental Manual Monitor one level below ("life support" according - sic - to Chekov) which houses the Artificial Gravity (AG) section often audible in intercom reports.
2. The Environmental Manual Monitor is adjacent to the Emergency Manual Monitor on the upper engineering level (i.e. Engineering Level 1)
3. The Environmental Manual Monitor is one level lower but we are looking through the cage grid not to the starboard side (into the engine room) but to the port side (and down onto an energizer on Deck 10).

I assume in crew's lingo this part of the warp engine room would be nicknamed "the cage" and I think it makes a lot of good sense to have these important guys of the AG section located in such a caged facility. Should there be a sudden loss of artificial gravity the AG personnel wouldn't just float away but they'd be able to rather literally stay in touch with their control panels and could maneuver between the EMMs to restore ship's power and - of course - artificial gravity.

I thought I'd be able today also to feature the draft for Engineering Deck 8, but that will have to wait 'til later.

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