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Re: Who should be the Director for Star Wars Episode 7?

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It doesn't matter nearly as much who the director is because the director doesn't have to be the studio's point man for all artistic decisions. In the end what matters the most is the script. I nominate Kim Stanley Robinson for script, with Lucas producing and a director who can manage to keep the acting on track despite dealing with huge FX, Robert Zemeckis or Ron Howard or Brad Bird or Steven Spielberg.

Also, the really really important question is, who does the score? John Williams is a great composer but the series is getting older. Age has made him less reliably great, I fear, as well. I'm thinking Brian Tyler, or Danny Elfman if he's explicitly instructed to avoid Burtonism. But maybe Dave Arnold?

Bear McCreary. No doubt the new movie will have way more aliens than the original. His score for BSG seemed way more alien than the series "deserved" (the series & the peoples felt very American). He'll add to the saga & help take it to the next level.
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