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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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As for the game, the decision to move forward was actually the Chiefs' call. According to Yahoo, Crennel and the team captains discussed it and decided to go ahead with the game.
I have to think, though, that people who just watched a player flow his head off might not be in the best condition to be making decisions.

Who knows, though? Cassel's Dad died and the very next day he dropped four touchdowns and 49 points on the Raiders.

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Who's desperate for quarterbacks of Alex Smith's caliber this year (especially teams that weren't interested in Alex Smith LAST year)?

Just looking at the teams that have poor quarterback play: Arizona didn't want Smith last year. Miami is set with Tannehill. The Jets are stupidly set with Sanchez/Tebow (all while Greg McElroy sits 3rd string and wasn't even on the active roster on Thanksgiving... stupid Jets). Cassel as you say is set.

I just don't see another team wanting Alex Smith for a starting role.
Yeah, Smith got a lukewarm reception on the market last year, but that was mostly because he made it known right from the start that he intended to stay in San Francisco (he admitted that he made the trip to visit Miami just for the free vacation and because he heard the 49ers were after Manning so he was hedging his bets). He responded by putting together a really solid array of baseline stats (which covers up his deficiencies, which I talked about earlier), so GMs who look at easy counting numbers are going to be hungry. Kansas City is probably going to clean house and the Jets are realizing that between Tebow and Sanchez they've got a bag of shit, and it wouldn't be unthinkable for the Vikings to call, given that Christian Ponder has a problem with being Not Good At Football.

In any event, Smith will hit the market. There's no way the team pays a $7.5 million roster bonus to a backup quarterback.
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