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Re: USS Enterprise inactivation ceremony

Do you have link for that announcement? I can't find anything right off. I will be very happy if it's true.
Is anyone worried about the next carrier being named after President Ford? I hope that it doesn't accidentally run into anything on the way to it's commisioning ceremony.
I sincerely apologize to anyone that I may have offended with my previous post. It just really irritates me that with all of the shiploads of money that have been overspent by the government over the last few years. That a little of it couldn't have been used to properly fund NASA and to convert Enterprise into a museum ship. And I'm still ticked that the Johnson Space Center in Houston only got a mock-up of a space shuttle.

Nevermind. I found the video of the SecNav's announcement today. Absolutely fantastic! CVN-80!

Just had to add this:
The Admiral that's Chief of Naval Operations and led the ceremony today, made a Star Trek joke during his speech.
He mentioned that if the Enterprise was to stay in service much longer that it might get outfitted with lasers. And might someday be firing photon torpedoes.
What the F?
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