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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Has any heard? today CBS D announced that season 4 and 6 will be done by another special effects house! So lets hope this special effects house does a better job then the people who did season 2 did.
I hope there is more oversight on the project than what it appears to be on Season 2. I think the thing that blows my mind (And I might even call it a trend) is that there seemed to be no quality checks when it came to the episodes. I would imagine someone in CBS's quality control area would have seen this early in the process and reported that this wasn't the quality they were looking for.

As for connecting this to Season 1, I'm really started to question CBS (or CBS D) quality control on this whole project. You have audio issues on Season 1 that should have been obvious to those who oversaw the project, and then in season 2 it looks like the outsourcing company didn't live up to whatever standards were set. I would have loved to be there to understand this organizational structure they have because right now I'm questioning it.

With that being said, I understand the need to outsource. I know CBS digital can't do this whole thing by themselves, and if I were CBS, I would want the project done as soon as possible because you take 10 years to do a project, by the time you're at Season 7, it might be diminishing returns. Hell, we're already seeing blu ray becoming second fiddle to digital downloads, if we haven't already. I hope this new company does a better job, but what I really hope is there is more communication between CBS D and this new company and just more supervision on both sides.
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