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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I'm about two-thirds of the way through. It's a solid book to be sure, and a good continuation of both the "Data resurrected" plot and the Typhon Pact arc, but I'm surprisingly unable to engage with it to the degree that I did with previous novels, including book one of the trilogy. Whether that's just me being distracted by other matters or whether some quality that usually graces David Mack's work is at slightly reduced strength this time, I couldn't say. This isn't a complaint or a moan - Silent Weapons is so far enjoyable, intelligent and well-plotted - it just feels a little flat compared to the first book. I wish I could explain why it feels that way, or indeed if it's even a difference in the novels and not just my mood colouring things unduly. And there's still a third or so left to read, of course, so maybe it will impress me on the same level as book one when I've finished.

I guess what I'm saying here is that not every novel can be "outstanding" and so far this one is a good, solid Trek book that doesn't quite shine the way certain previous Mack books have shined.

I'm really liking the use of the Gorn, and the whole set-up with their political dilemma and potential marginalization within the Pact. They've often been a difficult people to easily define (besides, "they're lizards with big fangs"), but this book presents them in such a way that they're easy to get a grip on. The descriptions of their suite and their artwork were interesting and helped flesh them out nicely, while the various highly specific ritualized titles reinforced the sense that this is a very old, very tradition-heavy culture.

The characterization of the various Breen continues to be engaging, and I like how Picard and Crusher are either changing or becoming more aware of their capacity to change now that they've had a few years as parents. I'll have more to say when I finish, no doubt.
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