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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

Oooo I thought you would like Shindig lurok!! And now that you've reviewed it I get to watch the next one, yay!!

Shindig: One of my favorite Firefly lines was this sign. I have a blog somewhere called Ballfailure and a warcraft character called Ballfailure.

Mark Shepard is fabulous in Firefly!! His peacock brooch cracks me up.

And another thing that cracks me up every time is the names of the snooty girls at the party: Cabott, Dester and Banning. The most perfect names

I loved Kaylee finding her own element at this do, talking engines with the boys.

Good character development episode, Mal does have issues for sure. But he should have issues to have come from the life he did and to have chosen the life he has.

I think this screenshot perfectly captures Kaylee's character And I love the street scenes on Persephone, so colorful.


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