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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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Q doing something blazingly stupid was a key part of his characterization, as essential as his hairstyle and mannerisms.
We must have seen a different movie, because in the one I saw, Q was pretty much a hardcore super hacker himself. Directly linking someone else's machine not only to your own, but directly to your entire network, is... well, it's absolutely moronic. Especially for anyone who's even mildly security conscious. Even if it's just his mother's laptop where all he needed to do was fix a setting in her web browser, he still wouldn't have plugged it straight into their network.

The writers were just unbelievably daft. Moreso than usual even, if for no other reason than that they were trying to create a more realistic and believable Bond franchise.
They were? Be that as it may, they didn't give Q that weird hair because he was anything but a fool who didn't get that Bond's old school he-manliness was the One True Path. He came across like a really smart ninth grader who hasn't quite realized yet he's gay. Q was supposed to fail to show how great Bond is, and the more moronically he failed the more vividly this Truth is demonstrated. Bond is the only man in the house, the winner. (Yes, technically Bond failed, but there's a reason no one at the end seems to have noticed.)
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