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Re: Two and a Half Men star calls show 'filth', wants us to stop watch

Even if the world is such that Jones is being foolish, that doesn't explain anyone else should get angry at him. Being resentful because someone criticizes the way of the world is rather touchy. If the order of things were really so natural, a little mouth is no threat to anyone. All very peculiar.

As to Jones' money, it is likely that his parents/guardians have controlled much of it. Who knows where it is or how much real disposable income remains after any family, agents, publicists, accountants, bad investments by others, and a suitably upscale house and vehicle take their chunk. Certainly he's not going to get loans for a college education.
Given the life he's probably led, he's probably been trained to think that his salary is the only thing between him and his family and the end of the world. Is he really old enough to think he could downscale? And how many people actually manage to accumulate a nest egg and live off it anyhow?

And lastly, though it has been years since I've seen much of the show, Jones didn't do much of the vulgarity. And I gather he doesn't do much on the show at all now. So, why should he really feel that he is benefiting from personally committing what he's criticizing? Maybe he does intend leaving at the end of this season no matter what.

I think it's sad he's falling for this cult. And it's a little embarrassing for him to be so narrowminded, even if Two and a Half Men is rather vulgar. But the outrage is even more problematic.

PS Jones would have to be a huge fool if he imagines that he has a career. It is always, always difficult for child actors to make an adult career. Most do not, notwithstanding the occasional Neil Patrick Harris or Michael J. Fox or Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The transition is so difficult that a Wil Wheaton is more typical of a successful adult career.
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