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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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Oh yes, a weird-looking bloke best known for playing a fashionable bastardisation of a classic character. Let joy be unconfined.
You mean a character no one outside of Trekkies that have watched every episode of TOS knows? Let's face it - most of the guest characters we care about mean nothing to outsiders. That doesn't mean that their Abramsverse versions will be terrible by default.
No, I meant Sherlock Holmes. And the Abramsverse is already terrible by default. Into Darkpiss will have to be pretty spectacular to make up for the abomination for the previous one, and I don't trust the two chancers who wrote the Transformers films or JJ "Lost (up his own arse)" Abrams to accomplish that.
Maybe you could just, you know, ignore it, since you seem to hate it so much.

I personally can't wait. I'm all for Khan if thats how they want to go with it, or Gary Mitchell.
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