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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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"First of all, I realize you're trying to make use of the sets as seen literally on the show, but it seems to me that there are too many turbolifts. Why should they crew need so many lift stops? It just seems to be taking up more deck space than would be efficient."
Wherever I can, I'll be happy to eliminate turbo lifts and/or have "deck elevators" instead. Of course, it would take up less space to have one central turbo shaft running along the central axis but then you'll need to split the antimatter pod assembly in the middle.

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"Next, I'm not sure you need so many transporters either. Having one fore and aft on deck 10 and 14 seems like overkill. Also, your Deck 10 Aft transporter has a turbolift run directly below it, where I would have expected to find transporter machinery."
We do have a lot of transporter room variations throughout the show and I'm not really an advocate to rationalize every difference with refits and upgrades but would rather like to keep this to a minimum.
The producers envisioned four transporter rooms (like the ones seen on the show) plus others.

But you're right that having two on Deck 14 seems like overkill. Since the one from Elaan of Troyius should be in the saucer (suggested by the lift movement: down from the bridge and then horizontal) the one from Charlie X and This Side of Paradise could / should be there as well.

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"I do like the sickbay ward near the transporter, it makes sense to have a "satellite office" in the secondary hull. But the Deck 14 transporters/sickbay wards make more sense to me than do the Deck 10 facilities."
The Deck 10 facilty was just an experiment to illustrate that this ward has to connect to one of these WNM corridors as seen in the episode. It also appears to consist only of 2 or three beds as in WNM Dr. Piper visits Mitchell with a portable medikit and then leaves the facility. I think this one will go to Deck 13 to the security section, after all, you might have felons that require medical attention (But what shall I do with the Science Library and the briefing room close by - move these up to Deck 11 and assume Dr. van Gelder climbed a few ladders?)

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"The Shuttlecraft on Deck 13 seem awfully close packed. I would expect that, even when stowed, there would be a meter or two of walkway surrounding each craft, for inspections and maintenance purposes; even though most heavy duty maintenance and repairs would be done on some sort of shop/garage set-up, I suppose there must be some things that can be done in the parking stall. Whatever the shuttlecraft equivalent of an oil change or that sort of thing."
Because there is this corridor in the center of the hangar deck (I belong to the "hangar deck-flight deck distinction" faction) there is really nothing I can do to create more space for shuttlecraft storage (my deck plan drafts are already based on the assumption that the engineering hull is 388' in length).

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"Also, the Deck 13 shuttle storage makes me wonder about how well the radial/circular corridor set-up utilizes the deck space. I think you're going to end up with lots of odd little nooks and crannies that will be weird to fill."
There are plenty of mission-specific and maintenance components that could probably go there.

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"Also, to address your "promenade" idea where nearby transporters are equivalent to lifeboats... The reason why lifeboats are near promenade/wraparound decks, is because it's a broad open deck space where the passengers and crew can assemble and load up the boats which have to be there in order to be lowered to the water's surface. As there would be no requirement to have transporters near the outer hull, I see no need to have them near to a promenade area. Especially since they only offload people from the ship six at a time, I suppose any corridor would be as good a place to assemble the crew as a promenade deck."
I did like the analogy / allusion to our ships but if you feel it should go elsewhere, I'll be glad to have some more cabin space for the engineering personnel to make these hard-working guys happy and start the day with a glorious exterior view the moment they leave their cabins.

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"I have mixed emotions regarding how many meandering corridors there are. On one hand, it does seem to be an inefficient arrangement and poor utilization of the deck space. However, there are references in the show to the lower decks being maze-like, so that might work out. I especially refer to Deck 10... there's all kind of goofy corridors there but it looks believable in an odd way."
Hmm...I've heard this before from a friend to whom I presented deck plans of the Rebel Blockade Runner who remarked that I turned a ship of riddles into a ship of corridors. But I'm just trying to be faithful to what's on screen (or the conclusion from it) and also to keep the amount of corridors down wherever possible or to have more space in use between these. Please bear in mind that Deck 10 is just a draft which illustrates multiple options, I intend the final result to be symmetric in nature.

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"Also, what anti-gravity units are you referring to? Do you mean those trusses running across the corridor ceiling? If so, what evidence is there that these have anything at all to do with gravity? If it's just your own take on it, that's cool, I was just wondering if there was anything more than that..."
Yes. And want to make clear that I had this idea long before I saw the ENT episode In a Mirror, Darkly where the AG units came into strategic use. I think that many of us have grown up taking artificial gravity on a fictional spaceship for granted but I could imagine that space age audiences of the 1960's might have wondered less about the speed of the Enterprise but rather about the miracle of artificial gravity.
In TOS we have to notice that all the ladder booths have a clear restriction message saying "environmental engineering personnel only" and a working platform in close proximity to these trusses:

Artificial gravity is the job of the environmental personnel and that restriction label clearly says IMHO that other personnel is not authorized to screw with the artificial gravity controls. After all, who is the most important guy on the ship: The chef or the plumber? No, it's the environmental guy because without proper gravity you'll find it somewhat difficult to eat and/or use the restrooms.

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"Having said all that, I'm super excited to see this project develop. I'm certainly going to steal a few of your ideas for my own project. I like how you have Deck 14 with the transporters and smaller medical ward. And I've been thinking of using a circular corridor in my own take on the secondary hull, so it's fascinating to see how it plays out in your project. Keep up the great work!"
Thanks for your encouraging remarks and feel free to assimilate ideas you find useful.

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