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Isn't it time we just let the franchise die? It had its run, you can't really stretch it forever (IMO).
Have we stopped retelling fairytales, like "The Three Little Pigs", fables like "The Hare and the Tortoise", Shakespearean plays, "Zorro", "Tarzan", "Sherlock Holmes", "Superman", "Batman", "Spiderman", "James Bond 007"?

Why should "Star Trek" die? It's modern mythology.
Aaaah, but therein lies my point: nobody is writing new "Shakespearean" plays.
Modern tragedies are unlike classical tragedies; the themes reflect their times.
Shakespeare's plays are still being (thankfully!) performed, of course, but that's the same as watching old Trek episodes.

I think Trek has ran for so long that it's bound to either reiterate itself (ENT already did plenty of that) or go in directions that aren't really in line with Trek's core ethos (and DS9 did plenty of that); at which point, wouldn't it be better to make a new, unrelated, space opera?
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