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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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Star Trek nerd question : This room is starting to look pretty big, will it fit into the deckplans?
The main fuselage is about 50 feet across at the location I had in mind for this space. Technically, I might have exceeded that in this illustration but I don't think by much.

It occurs to me that the way you have the ship laid out, aren't the "travel tube/s" close to the center line and shouldn't they be somewhere near the center of this room?
I am deviating from the original "travel tube" concept. Given that it's been decided this ship is capable of landing on a planet's surface, I didn't think it would be wise to depend on null-gravity tubes several decks high for getting around the ship. Ladder wells would be better, but still rather dangerous. Lift tubes would be better yet, but would require a lot of space and you'd really need at least two separate shafts.

I decided to move these shafts out of the main fuselage and into the disc section on either side of it. I'm figuring a total of four, two ventral and two dorsal, with a gap between them to allow access to the cargo bays and other areas outside the fuselage. Two of the shafts have lifts and the other two are compact gangways or staggered ladder wells.

So no, no travel tubes passing through the middle of Main Control. However, depending on the cropping of these shots, the access to one of them might be visible way off to the right.
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