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No they looked at the collector they did not study the rings. I would also think that an in depth study of the rings would take a longer time which they have plenty of now that the Son'a want to do the peaceful coexistence thing.

your "happy ending" of reconciliation involves many Son'a dying before the particles can take effect.
Meh, just hit a transporter with a a negative space wedgie and put the Son'a through it apparently that will turn them into 12 year olds. I mean its not like they didn't have to figure out how to do that to reverse it.

And the best part is the Son'a will still have all their memories afterwards so they don't lose anything.

The important thing is that the pretty white Baku had their stagnant, selfish community preserved.
You keep saying selfish but when the where they ASKED about it?

that point gets brought up a lot, and I have two responses to it:

1. The reason they weren't asked is a script reason, not an in-universe reason. If they were directly asked by Dougherty after the discovery that they weren't primitives, then either they say yes, and the movie ends, or they say no, and then they look like selfish assholes. So to avoid that trap, they aren't directly asked.

2. the Baku knew exactly what they had discovered, that's why they stayed there for three hundred years, didn't leave, and didn't tell anyone else. Clearly, they weren't all that keen on sharing it.

Further, there's so much to this movie that doesn't make any sense. Why didn't the Son'a just tell the truth to the UFP in the first place? Tell them there's a fountain of youth planet in UFP space that the Son'a have equal claim to, and that the inhabitants aren't primitives.

Then the UFP approaches the Baku directly, removes them for their own good, and then compensates them, offering to take them anywhere they'd like.

INS is just so sloppily and poorly written that it's amazing it got filmed.
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