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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I have a feeling that since it was Dan Curry, Doug Drexler, etc that they probably felt that these guys should know what they're doing...and damn, they should.

I recall reading a post on Doug Drexler's website before Season 1 was released, before we knew HTV-Illuminate was involved. Doug basically said that they were going to make the show look just like we remembered it, but it would look like they wiped the dirt off the screen. I don't remember Next Gen looking this bad. That's the thing about memory, we remember it better. Dan, Doug and the gang attempted to make the show look..not how we remembered it...but exactly how it looked, but clearer. Well, like the reviews's a mixed bag.

I don't think HTV was ever on the same page as CBS, and that's a HUGE problem. They had two completely different approaches and it should never have been allowed to happen. The CBS execs should have put their money behind CBS digital, relaxed the schedule and put the bloody fire out that was roaring beneath their butts.

So, HTV is gone...but is this new FX house going to be any better? Will they share the passion CBS-Digital obviously has, will they honor CBS-D's approach, and will CBS-D invest the time and guidance to ensure the outsourced Seasons match up?

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