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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

^Of course I'm not asking for scholarly precision. But you made a claim that you offered no support for, and when people do that, other people are entitled to ask what the basis for the claim is. You don't have to give exhaustive evidence, but you didn't give any evidence whatsoever. First you just made the assertion with zero support. Then when I asked for support, you only gave female examples and no male examples at all, which did nothing to support your claim that there was any difference. I'm just trying to gather more information here. If what you say is true, that's fine, but I'm not familiar with the basis for that argument and I'm interested to learn more if it is true. That's why we have conversations, isn't it? To learn from each other? How can I learn from what you say if you won't tell me what you know?

But if your response to being asked for more information is to get snide and defensive, then I have no reason to believe you're doing anything more than blowing smoke. So you're only hurting your own position by reacting that way.
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