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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Amazon Germany already has negative reviews (with reference to TrekCore) about the quality of the special effects. The reviewers suggest a boycott of this season to make CBS feel that it was a mistake to release a mediocre work:
I'm torn on the whole "boycotting" idea. On one hand, I understand why people might be less than thrilled that CBS outsourced the season 2 remastering work to HTV and allowed inferior work to be done. But based on the reports, HTV will no longer be affiliated with this project. CBS has already learned the lesson. They apparently have acknowledged their mistake. We don't need to boycott in an attempt to get the studio's attention - it sounds like they already got the message. Also, I want this project to be financially successful because that's the only way we'll get this kind of extensive treatment for DS9 or VOY down the road. If the TNG Blu-ray releases don't do well, they won't waste the time or the money to tackle DS9 next.
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