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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

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I honestly can't tell why they haven't put a bullet in Serrat yet other than the need for an antagonist on the island. He would be a much more compelling villain if he didn't make his actions against them so blatant. It is almost cartoonish. "Oh you." Is not how you respond to a person who has tried to get you killed, kidnapped and murdered your people, etc.
I can understand buying a jury off if the populace is large, but how can he keep it a secret on such a small island? With the Islanders out for the rapist's blood, I just don't see how the jurors that were paid off would be able to keep the secret. Further, what would happen when the secret is revealed?

Why aren't the FBI, CIA, NSA or some other alphabet-soup spy organization keeping Kylie under surveillance? If she's such a person of interest that she keeps being discussed and her home searched, then surely she's worth keeping a visual eye on. Yet she comes and goes as she pleases to and from the Kendal residence.

Did Kendal remove the short-wave radio? Is he keeping the radio under watch so he can catch the mole? Did anyone see the smoke and smell the burning of the Navy Seal's body?

Chaplin's starting to get into the habit of meeting privately with Pitts. This is in contrast to just a couple of episodes earlier where he said that was not a good idea and against protocol/regulations.

Absolutely nothing mentioned about the COB this week. His torture alone ought to be enough to end Julian's life.
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