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Re: Sparrow-class Frigate

Forbin wrote: View Post
Aha! How did I miss this thread?
Very nice concept. The sweep-back on the wings is more fitting to the E-style ship than a forward sweep would be.
You really like the back swept wings? Because I was considering going with a forward sweep instead to stay truer to her distant kin. If you said to go with a forward swept set of wings instead, then that is what I'd do with the final design pass.

Ziz wrote: View Post

The E-E almost had forward swept pylons until one of the set designers made an unfortunate comment. Fourth paragraph for the comments, fifth paragraph for the concept sketch.
Yeah, but that is partly why I love concept art. On many an occasion, there is a story behind how a ship or other vehicle looks the way it does. I think it was rather unfortunate that they didn't go with the forward-swept pylons. I think it would have given the Big E a rather unique look, and I don't think it looks that much like a turkey in a frying pan. I still don't quite see what they were fussing about. I also liked how the nacelle pylons could have moved up and down, and I think it is a shame that idea was passed on.
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