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Re: MLP:FiM S3 Episode 5 - "Magic Duel"

Great episode with a lot of content stuffed into it - I think it could have also been made into a great two-parter. I loved the involvement of Zecora for a change and her Yoda-like instructions. Fluttershy was great in this episode, too. It was nice to see her being supported so strongly by her animal friends.
I'd like to see more of Saddle Arabia and I also think that the amulett might make a second appearance in the season finale.
Some great animation in this one - the reflection in the water was already mentioned, I liked the scene at the end with Twilight and Pinkie and there were also lots of great ponyfaces.

I do think a lot of ponies must be pretty traumatised by Trixie's cruel magic tricks.
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