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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I can't wait to hear Disc 2. "Spock's Brain" is Steiner's most brilliant, lush, passionate score, as if he were trying to compensate for the flaws of the episode. Possibly my favorite cue in all of TOS is the one when McCoy uses the Great Teacher -- which I guess would have to be "Magic Helmet #2."

Oh, and you even have "Maiden Wine!" Nimoy gets another royalty. And I take it that "The Frog" is written by Courage, since there's no other credit or "Traditional" notation?

Nothing on these two discs has been officially released in any version; however, some of the "Way to Eden" songs are heard on the infamous 1975 Trek Bloopers bootleg album from "Blue Pear Records." I don't recall which songs are included, but one of the track titles mentions "Hey, Out There." The album was compiled from discarded on-set audio recordings, so the songs are from filming sessions where the performers were singing along with the playback of the pre-recorded songs in order to get lip-sync. So the audio isn't very good there.
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