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Re: Just Watched for 1st Time Ever!

Thanks for all of the responses and encouragement! I just watched the second episode today, "The End of the World"

The premise was definitely interesting and one I hadn't seen before. As a general observation, I quite liked the variety of different aliens--as someone who's used to Trek's "funny foreheads" (doesn't take away from my love of Trek, just an observation). Still, that's rather primitive technology for 5 million years from now, huh? :P

There were lots of funny bits throughout the episode. The psychic paper is definitely a new one. I also got a kick out of The Doctor laughing and smiling at all of the different aliens, gifts, etc.

I liked the explanation of the translation. It really fits well with the tone of the show as a whole.

There was some good tension in the episode--but again the humor shines through with Rose about to be burned and the Doctor resigned, "Oh, it would be you."

My favorite character in this episode was the plant alien. A pity she had to burn. I liked her interactions with the Doctor--flirty and emotional.

There was also some interesting backstory about the Doctor. Last of his kind--interesting. I thought it was going be a downer ending, but the "Chips" bit was nice.

Next Week: Going back in time? Supernatural-type deal? Hmm...

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