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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Now I'm disappointed that I forgot to record Dracula's Daughter. Sounds like it was an innovative movie for its day.

I watched the rest of The Story of Mankind last night after all. Good grief, what a terrible ending. It contradicted the hell out of itself. Colman had finished his closing statement and Price was making his, but then Colman was allowed to interrupt Price's statement after a few sentences, refute him, and get the last word with Price not even protesting? Talk about a kangaroo court. And the "verdict" too.
They didn't think this through very well, did they?

I have to say, though, I was impressed that the movie acknowledged the crimes and atrocities that Europeans inflicted upon the Native Americans, even though it embraced conventional stereotypes and myths of colonization in other respects. Sure, they put those words in the Devil's mouth, but the film was using him as a vehicle for commenting on humanity's sins, and his assessments of what qualified as evil and vile were treated as legitimate; he just approved of how evil and vile they were. So there was a bit of progressive sentiment there, more than I expected.

Still, the only thing that made this piece of dreck worthwhile was getting to listen to Vincent Price at his malevolent best for two hours. Ronald Colman was pretty good too. And Groucho Marx managed to be funny even with the lame material he was given. Most of the rest of the celebrity guests did quite badly, though. It seems Allen was directing them to be as broad and campy as possible -- or else that they just showed up for a day or two to earn a quick buck and didn't put any effort into it.
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