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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

GQ Names Blackwater best episode on TV for the year 2011-2012:

Really good interview.

A couple of highlights:

David Benioff (co-creator): We had one really intense conference call with the HBO brass. It was awkward: They said, "So, what are you guys talking about, an extra $500,000?" We said, "Noooo...." "You guys need a million dollars?" "Ummmm...."

Weiss: I think we asked for $2.5 million. We got $2 million-something. That's a lot of money in TV. It was a big ask for them, and they understood it was really important. Our point was that the entire season was pointing toward this confrontation. To do what's normally done on television—the Shakespearean model of talking about battles off-screen—would completely kill the season.

Marshall: In the original script, Stannis Barantheon didn't get any further than the bottom of the ladders [at the wall of King's Landing] and then he sort of disappeared from the script. I thought, "We have to have him do more than that. If he's the polar opposite of King Joffrey, then he should be the first one up the ladder. Let's have a fight with him on the wall.' We choreographed a whole sequence which was never scripted, of Stannis having a sword fight on the wall, chopping a guy's head off, and then basically watching his army's defeat from a bird's-eye position before being dragged off by his own men.
Benioff: There's another battle bigger than this one coming up, but not until the end of season four. So we're preparing our speeches for how we're gonna ask for more money.
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