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Re: Any good Simpsons episodes after Season 9?

There's probably half a seasons worth of passable episodes after season 9, but seeing as I can't even remember which seasons they're from let alone their titles, they aren't exactly classics.

Has anyone else noticed that the voices started sounding really muffled and distant around season 10? Homer especially. I have to turn the volume up full blast to hear it (which makes the music deafeningly loud in comparison), otherwise it just sounds like all of the characters are mumbling to themselves. I know some of the voices have changed a bit over the years, but seeing as all of them suddenly started having that quality in season 10, maybe they changed some of their equipment around that time or hired someone different to do the mix? That's one of the reasons for newer episodes being unwatchable, at least for me (maybe for others too, without them realising it?).
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