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Re: TOS in High-Def?

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Which cretin is responsible for adding welding seam lines and weathering on the model? Our airplanes and even ships don't have such archaic welding lines and you could assume that by the 23rd Century you'd have welding techniques leaving no traces whatsoever.
Add to this that the Enterprise's creator Matt Jefferies deliberately designed the ship to keep whatever protruding elements to the absolute minimum - but somebody felt it necessary to inflict the worst retcon surgery you can think of to the most cherished, international icon of science fiction.
Agreed. Too many of those in modern ST (Berman-forward) are too influenced by Star Wars, so they think every spaceship is not realistic if it lacks the weathering and pieced-together look of the Lucas movies. If these hired hands paid attention, ST--unlike SW--is supposed to be a projection of our own reality, where with each generation, space vehicles lose the pieced together look once common during the Space Race.

Even conceptuals for the next wave of NASA (and other developer) spacecraft make the shuttle fleet look rather rough, so with that in mind, there's no way a 23rd century starship--the assumed technological best of the best--would look like a Navy carrier, Apollo rocket...or ship from a "galaxy far, far away."

The remastered CG was unprofessional enough, but the SW-ing of 1701 (including an unforgivably out of scale hangar deck) is the reason I only watch the original version on blu ray, where the miniuature actually appears to have scale and a sense of weight.
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