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Re: Two and a Half Men star calls show 'filth', wants us to stop watch

^^^It may have escaped your notice, but lots of people are really pissed off about Jones' remarks. If you think it's because they agree with Jones about Two and Half Men, you're wrong. Lots of them are pissed at the insult to their taste, i.e., have "mortified feelings."

If you consider the Forerunner to be so bad (as it happens I agree, though I don't consider him any worse than multitudes of others,) shouldn't you feel pity or worry over Jones? That is, to the extent you do over celebrities you don't personally know.

It really is a stretch to try to find some sort of special grace in Two and a Half Men's supposed lack of pretense. It pretends it's hilarious. I disagree with that nearly as much as I disagree with the Forerunner.

PS ^^^ were aimed at preceding post, but another post got in between. Very sneaky.
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