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Re: Two and a Half Men star calls show 'filth', wants us to stop watch

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Maybe he's just a kid trying to find his way in the world. It's not like he's snorting coke off hookers' bellies on the set.

The "tolerance" here is underwhelming.
I don't tolerate stupidity, particularly publicized stupidity. It would behoove you to realize that "tolerance" doesn't mean "accept everything uncritically, and without question". If he wants to find his way in this world, then perhaps he should do so without dragging down his employer and co-workers with him. There's a good first lesson.
I lay a lot of blame on the morons who made the video. Even if this kid is just naive and full of cocky dumbness they should have realized that what he was saying had legal ramifications for him. Did they warn him about that I wonder.. or were they too excited to have a famous christian soldier (that terminology is in the video) giving filth the finger.
I don't see why they should be required to warn a 19 year old. Nobody warned Charlie Sheen and he probably has even less emotional maturity.
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