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Re: Two and a Half Men star calls show 'filth', wants us to stop watch

There are three issues here.

First, there is the factual question of whether Two and Half Men sells sexual humor. Well, it does. And there's not much else too it, either. Jones wins over a lot of people criticizing him because at least he can recognize a fact.

Second, there's the issue of whether the dirty jokes make the show "filth." Now people might be insulted by someone dissing their taste on moral grounds. They should grow up. On a human level, Jones is either hoaxing or genuininely getting into a very disturbing cult situation. Seeing someone fall for the "Forerunner" is really much more disturbing than getting heated up because someone disapproves of your taste. No, think about it. Jones may be gong off the deep end. How do any mortified feelings compare to that?

Third, there's the outrage over an employee who isn't properly grateful to the boss. This is usually presented as a distaste for hypocrisy, although some posters are forthright enough. But this kid was sent out to get work. (If you really think he made an informed choice to sell his soul to Chuck Lorre, you're out of your mind. My condolences on the bad news.) Going to that set and doing that stuff has been a large part of his whole life. Breaking away is going to be hard to do. If sincere, this video is probably the first step in such a process. Criticizing him for not upending his entire life instantly in my opinion even more narrowminded and meanspirited than calling racy humor "filth." And it's much the same kind of mindset too.
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