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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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NBA fines the Spurs $250,000 for sending Parker, Duncan, Ginobili and Green home prior to last night's game against the Heat (who needed some last-minute heroics to win a 105 - 100 game).

I sure hope the Spurs take the NBA to court over this. Complete and utter bullshit. It is completely within Popovich's rights to rest his players when he wants to.

For reference, the Knicks were only fined $200,000 for illegal draft workouts that provide a competitive advantage.

Yep, the NBA is totally on the up and up.
I'm with you. What a crock.

The point is to win a title, not pander to the Miami fans. They're an aging team, I have no issue with them resting players on the 4th game/5th night of a roadtrip. Or any game for that matter.

In baseball, players get sporadic days off all the time. In football, you regularly hear coaches say he would have played if it was a playoff game when a player sits with a minor injury.

Buying a ticket only entitles you to a seat. This is a ridiculous precedent.
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