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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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I would love for Mike Piazza to make it first ballot, but I don't think he will. While a great hitter, he was a pedestrian catcher. I know that he has the most Home Runs of any catcher but is that a reason to be put into the Hall of Fame?

On other Mets news, looks like the Mets have wrapped up David Wright till 2020. It's an 8 year, $140 million dollar deal.
Piazza had a few years in his prime where he hit for power and average, but he really tailed off later in his career. He could jack one out of the park, but was more or less a one trick pony. His defense was atrocious, but he did handle the pitchers well.

As for Wright, I'm glad they locked him up. He's a perennial all star who finally seemed to figure out Shiti Field last year. The duration scares me. It's not quite the A-Rod or Pujols deals where they are signed until they are AARP eligible, but it's close.
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