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Re: TOS's largest one time prop.

A few graphical cues...

This is the concept for the aft hatch. One could not walk in along that ramp - one would descend from the aft compartment on a ladder coming down from the very aft part of the ramp. The ramp would be there supposedly for inserting and extracting outsize cargo, and the aft compartment would be such a piece of cargo, with its own, clumsy means of ingress and egress.

Compare to the floorplan: the hinge of the aft hatch would be level with the forward hinges of those four side things that may have launched the lifepods but were booster engines in "Drive". This makes it difficult for the aft compartment to have a level floor - but also note that the DF must be somewhat bigger than in that conceptual view, considering the forward compartment set already. That is, more like 21-22 meters rather than 15 in length.

Entering the lifepods might be done from the in-between alcove somehow, with crawlways opening to port and starboard.

The bed slid in and out like a drawer with a 6-foot tall woman in it.

Perhaps it's "Counterpoint" all over again? Perhaps the device is transporter-based and scans or treats its patient by reducing her to a phased matter stream first, starting with the legs as the patient is inserted?

Entering the lifepods might also be a transporter-based operation...

Still looking for the images showing a glimpse of the ladderway. That wall tended to be the wild one in many shoots; it's the simplest one, too, a rather featureless flat panel save for this little nook to port.

Timo Saloniemi
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