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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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I think a lot of the audience will react to it like "wow, they're already redoing Khan, they must have no new ideas."
I know lots of people who thought "wow, they're rebooting Kirk and Spock, they must have no new ideas" when they heard about the first movie. That's what reboots are all about, recycling successfull movies/tv shows instead of creating something new and original. In some cases it works, in others it doesn't. I still think it was not necessary to go back to TOS, a new movie could have been set post Nemesis just as well. With a new cast, a good story and a big budget it would have been just as successful as XI was. I'm just glad they had prime Spock there to make it actually a part of what came before instead of making it a real reboot.
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