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Re: Before & After/Year Of Hell relationship

After Kes gets normalized and she's having a drink with the rest of the crew and Tuvok insists that he needs a full briefing on the Krenim. Too much foreknowledge about the Krenim allows Voyager to survive and sidestep the bog standard krenim without needing to invent Chronometric Shields. If Voyager didn't invent chronometric Shields Annorax changes the universe and rexperiences/reviews how the new universe eacts to the same days and weeks, he has always been obsessing on, even though his crew was out side time for 200 years (look it up) not ageing, and had changed time/space with their weapon hundreds or even thousands of times since they first delted Red's wife or Kes had her Before and After.

Only in a timeline where Before and After never happened are Chronometric shields conceivable becuase Janeway would never become so desperate with such a tactical advantage against an all too well known foe to be so devious and invent the impossible.

How are you reconciling Kid Kang/Ironlad into the Kang mythology Exodus?

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