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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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Now that's the stuff!

We can imagine there's a big-old space boiler/reactor/whatever in the middle there, buried behind the consoles and other equipment. It feels like an engine room instead of a lava lamp.

I kinda want there to be a few ladders in there to let the engineers climb up and bang on the pipes and junk above.

re the consoles: When putting the buttons on the consoles I came up with certain rules to make them feel real and not a jumble of colored lights. As in the image below, we tended to make banks, rows and columns out of a single color. Sometimes we'd have two or three of one color with a single different color on the end, as if the identically colored ones are mode selectors and the differently colored end one is an activator switch (I've designed my fair share of user interfaces for games, so I have a good sense for what appears to be practical and designed).

Each station had three sections. The leftmost one, with the silvery boxes with the flip-up covers, were intended to be intercoms, with controls for the various monitors just below the silver boxes.

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