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Re: Buffy Season Six

Growing pains, perhaps? I loved season 6. it was a season i only recently got access to, and my watch/rewatch was thoroughly enjoyable. Yes, i'm/it's older now~ but maybe that helped. i had to see if the show was enduring. it was. I'd love to watch it with younger girls, someday... She's a great Role Model.

It was akin to reading 'On The Road Again' as a Grown up. I was Nom Nom to both when i was initially exposed... Sadly for my Admiration of Jack, i think the series outlasted the book.

Not as a reflection of the culture, obviously, but in it's resonance to my own life & where i've been.

Granted, i've never staked a Vampire~ but the tropes are as relevant Today as Yesterday. Enjoy.
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