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MLP:FiM S3 Episode 5 - "Magic Duel"

Episode Title: "Magic Duel"
Episode Air Date: 12/1/2012, 10:30 AM EST

SUMMARY: When Trixie makes her way back to Ponyville, as "Great and Powerful" as ever, she decides to prove her might once and for all by challenging and defeating Twilight Sparkle in a duel of magic, causing the latter pony to be exiled from the town.


So here we are, the return of Trixie! It's about time! I got tired of reading all those Trixie and Twilight clop fanfictions. Now we get to see what happens with a magic duel! I've been waiting to see this! You've been waiting to see this! All of Celestia's children have been waiting to see this come to light, and here it is!

Grade and Discuss, and remember, no spoilers until 3 PM. Any spoiler must be in tags!

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