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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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However, and I completely agree with Tomalok...the shipmitself was way too washed out and bright, especially when compared to s1 and the s3 trailer. The over bright ship added to the effect of making the ship seem like it was pasted on top as opposed tom within the scene in the compositing. Honestly, if they would just match the ship lighting to s1, I really wouldn't have noticed any of the other stuff in motion, and I highly doubt most of you would have either.
I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice this. If anyone can do a screencap comparison of just an exterior shot of the Enterprise between the two seasons, that might help show what I mean here. I think the best comparison might be the shot from 11001001 with the Enterprise heading towards Spacedock, to the shot of the Enterprise firing at the Borg ship in Q Who. The only comparison I got last night was noticing how much more darker (In a clear sense of the term) things looked on the season 3 trailer.

Hell, if there is one thing I have noticed about the Q who shot is it seems like HTV in their "remastering" got the "color" all wrong. I wanted the show in HD, but I still wanted the Borg tractor beam to be bright green. If there was one thing I noticed in the screenshot posted above (And the problem people should be having with it) it is the color is all wrong.

I think I've decided while everyone else is looking at the visual effects and calling out HTV on them, I'm going to call them out on getting the colors wrong. That's not keeping with the same intent as the original.
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