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Re: Best DS9 characters

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I don't know. I thought Jake not deciding to join Starfleet was a nice touch. Every child of a Starfleet officer can't want to join, and it was nice to see that. I think they did a fine job of taking Jake's interest in journalism and making it relevant in certain episodes like Nor the Battle to the Strong.

I liked the genetically engineered reveal with Bashir. Shrugs.
Early on Jake did seem destined to be Wesley Crusher 2.0, but I'm glad they took him away from that route too. It made him seem so much more real and genuine. Nor the Battle to the Strong was an excellent example of an average guy thrown into a Star Trek scenario and one I enjoyed(also one of the few examples of a military in Trek using -gasp- artillery).

Bashir's genetic reveal was kind of artificial and forced and if they were going to do something like that, I wished it had been from the beginning. I will say one of the things that made DS9 good, was that they took the "annoying character" and did try and improve upon him.
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