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Re: SpaceX is a go for April 30th: 1st commercial launch to space stat

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1.. It tells me that folks are fed up with the Dan Golden era stagnation of endless also-ran Delta II missions of the Goldin era.

2. And six or seven Delta IV heavies will easily cost as much as a single production SLS launch--thus no savings--just overcomplicated ISS style assembly methods and other costs that go with mission complexity that HLVs eliminate.

3. That's why engineers favor them.

4. Take the skycrane for Curiosity. That work-around is the direct result of EELV contraints.

5. In terms of a down select--it would actually be better if Dream Chaser and Musk got the contracts, perhaps allowing them to work together and pool money, instead of Dream Chaser being a junior partner to ULA
1. Only you think that in your warped view.

2. Wrong, not with cost of SLS development

3. No, they don't. Only those who want a jobs program

4. that is blatantly wrong and far from the truth.

5. Wrong on many levels. It shows that you don't know what you are talking and are full of shit. It would not be better.
a. Dream Chaser is a competitor to Dragon
b. In your warped idea, that would make Dream chaser a junior partner to Spacex.
c. Another clueless post. Dream Chaser is not a junior partner with ULA. Dream Chaser is the lead and ULA is a subcontract.
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