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Re: TOS/TMP set during the **23rd** century?

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do you think they would have been better off with the 27th century time period
Unqualified yes.

It would have allowed for a more expansive back story. A more realistic spread of Humanity outward to the stars, room for multiple wars, slow incremental technological improvements. Especially with Humanity barely inching outward for the first century after discovering warp drive. The canon history of Trek has a lot happening in the hundred years between Archer and Kirk.

Cochrane: "What's it like out there in the galaxy?
Kirk: "We're on a thousand planets and spreading out."

Yeah, I've been thinking this works better after reading some of the James Blish TOS adaptions which has the show taking place around that time. It makes so of the weirded things from TOS that never got explained make more sense.

Case in point the planet from Miri went from Earth duplicate to a long since cutoff Earth colony on the usual earth type planet humans tend to colonize.
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