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Re: TNG Caption This! 293: The Return of the Blu-Ray Images!

Riker: The Captain's lost on Risa.
Crew: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

Geordi:! We...make...nice nice! You...aliens...we...Federation.... bull!

Alien <to his own crew>: Check out this m* f*.

Data: Sir, I just got back from a parallel universe in which...the Crusher your son.

Picard: So Beverly was my wife?

Data: No sir. She was your...Dominatrix.

Picard: So. You didn't travel to a parallel universe, did you Mister Data.

Data: No sir.

Picard: In fact, you just read my diary, didn't you.

Data: Yes sir.

Picard: Do you know what you must do now, Data?

Data: Yes sir.

Picard: It's not a reprimand.

Data: Erasing my memory bank will actually be a relief, sir.

Picard: Make it so.

<Data shudders>

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