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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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...and think they don't look too bad.
Problem is how they look when compared with the other seasons. I was on the fence about the look when I went to the theatrical premiere last night. But when you compare the season three teaser to the actual episodes, the season three work is just jaw-dropping. As was season one.

Digital Bits gave the video quality of season one an 'A' grade, season two received a 'B-'.
True, but when the complaints are something along the lines of the lights aren't properly aligned, or whatever (What was wrong with the Q Who shot again?), I do think that's overreactionary. I've seen some of the more obvious blunders already (Still think after last night's screening the exterior shots of the Enterprise looked way too white), but it's the less obvious things I'm shaking my head at.
I'd have to agree with you. Look guys, I saw the screening last night and I like to think I have a pretty good eye for some of this stuff. But youre really not going to notice a 2 second flyby shot of the ship and the misaligned composite. I was watching on a giant screen and did not see it even as I was staring at the ship crawl across the screen.

However, and I completely agree with Tomalok...the shipmitself was way too washed out and bright, especially when compared to s1 and the s3 trailer. The over bright ship added to the effect of making the ship seem like it was pasted on top as opposed tom within the scene in the compositing. Honestly, if they would just match the ship lighting to s1, I really wouldn't have noticed any of the other stuff in motion, and I highly doubt most of you would have either.
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