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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I am not happy with what I have seen, but this is not stopping me from buying the set. My wish is that CBS had done more research into HTV Illuminate, and come to a determination that this company has proven itself not to be a leader in restoration.

I don't expect professional critics to be accurate in their reviews. Last year, I purchased Skyrim based on critics reviews. Not many of them mentioned that this game was seriously flawed with a lengthy list of bugs. Some of these critics awarded this game with Game of the Year accolades. By August of this year, the game developers had to release seven patches to fix the original game and to fix issues associated with the DLCs.

I don't what it is, but these entertainment companies, to me, seem to rely on the apathy of people who won't complain about their products when there are so few other choices. I favor being vocal, or otherwise we, as purchasers, will have to accept that what we buy will many times be sub-par.
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