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... and the federation can just build a science station in orbit of the planet and study the rings so they can duplicate the radiation ...
Picard: "Let my people look at the technology."
Doughterty: "Our best scientific minds already have. We can't find any other way to do this."
Doughterty was speaking to Picard, both Starfleet officers, "our best ..." means Starfleet science officers. The Federation had already looked at the rings, sometimes you just need to go for the natural resources.

When you finally get pass who hates whom, and who is whose offspring, the ring planet is still a Federation planet, and the particles will still help hundreds of billions of people medically. The Sona's servant races built one collector, they can built another one.

While the Federation Council did halted the Baku relocation (notice they didn't call it a "kidnapping") so that a review could take place. The movie never said the harvesting wouldn't take place. All the reasons to perform the harvest remained intact.

It was never about the planet, and it was never about the Baku/Sona.

So everybody wins.
Right after the Federation harvests the particles.

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