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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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Sorry but how was Kes seeing the wonders of space if she was spending most of her time in sick bay and hydroponic, the two rooms on the ship with no windows? Half of the creatures, aliens or planets Voyager visited, Kes never saw. She wasn't even exploring the ship itself. She had never seen a starship, much less been on one and she wasn't curious about ANY of it. Neelix showed more interest in how Voyager's systems worked, the many cultures onboard and culinary cuisine than she was. Too me that's one of the biggest flaws with the character. She was supposed to be overly curious about everything but she never was. They explained in the first ep. that where she comes from there are no transporters, no holodecks, warp drives and the replicators only make one recipe. Grown adults in our day and age are fascinated by such things as an iPad, new cuisine and just to travel to the next State or country to see something new. How is a young girl who's lived underground in a closed society and hasn't even seen the sun not curious or fascinated by Voyager or anything else around her? The holodeck alone should have kept her in wonder for at least a few weeks.
It's because if you only live 9 years you use up your wonderment phase real quick and move on to the jaded phase. In Fury she was in the fuck you life, you screwed me over phase. After that she hit zen like resignation, which is when everyone thinks you are incredibly wise.

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