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Re: Sylvester McCoy in The Hobbit 'like Jar-Jar Binks'

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Yeah, that's just a weird one. It's not even as if there's anything wrong with eating those things, so I don't see how it qualifies as derogatory, but for some reason, racists seem to think it is.
Err, what? If someone says something racist, and other people are offended, it's not just the person saying the racist things that are racist, but the people who are offended by it, too? The hell?

Course, a lot of people (such as the ones in this thread) confuse racism with stereotyping. There is a difference. One is fueled by hatred or at the very least misunderstanding, the other is simply noticing common traits and associating them with the people possessing those traits. This is one of those things that is closer to the latter than the former. Much the same way that all white people apparently love mayonaise and Homeland, black guys are all hung like horses, and Asians are all mathematical geniuses. Most stereotypes are far from being racist, no matter how much overly sensitive or apologetic some people feel they need to be about anything even close to actual racism.
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