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Hartzilla2007 wrote: View Post
to relocate a pre-warp culture
How in hell are the Baku a "pre-warp culture?" They migrated through interstellar space to reach that planet in the first place. And years later when they kicked the Sona off the planet, how do you think the Sona left? Statements by the Baku indicate that they retain knowledge of technology, even if they don't currently employ it.

You don't just march into an area and kick people out of it because you want it.
But you can if the area is yours. Even if the area wasn't your when the people arrived, and the area changed hands multiple times, once it's yours, you can evict the people off of it.

Which should have been done openly with the Baku.

while acting like this is morally superior.
Which it is.

Try this. I own a house, you moved in prior to my acquiring it. Destroying the house will help hundreds of billions of people medically. I move you out so those hundreds of billions of people can be helped. Again it was never your house, you (and 600 of your friends) just moved in one day. If I leave you there, you will be harmed in the process of helping hundreds of billions of people.

Yes, morally superior.

sonak wrote: View Post
Borders change constantly.
Hartzilla2007 wrote: View Post
You mean the power that didn't even exist yet when the Baku moved there.
Borders do change over time. During ENT the area belonged to the Romulans, the Federation didn't yet exist. By TOS the area was owned by the Klingons, it had changed hands. By DS9 it was Federation territory.

And no just finding out a foreign government whose first encounter with you is catching them pretty much spying on you then plans to kidnap you DOESN'T COUNT.
First off, the Federation isn't a foreign government, it the government of the planet you're currently standing on.

The Baku should have been openly moved, without subterfuge.

And no the federation probably wasn't going to share any of the particles with the Baku
My read is that the Baku would have been move to a different Federation planet, established there, and would have had the same access to the harvested particles as all the other people in the Federation.

So your saying Picard did a good thing seeing as the Son'a were planing to do that near the end of the film.
If the Sona wished to kill the Baku, why didn't they?

Face it Hartzilla2007, the Sona were going out of their way not to kill the Baku, even after the collector was activated, the movie made clear that there would have been multiple hours to remove the remaining Baku from the planet before condition became fatal.

The Enterprise could have simply beamed them up.

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