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Re: Any good Simpsons episodes after Season 9?

Season 10 has a couple that are tolerable. "Wild Barts Can't Be Broken" is pretty good, until the horrible musical number that ends things. I like most of "Lisa Gets an A" and "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo". That's pretty much it, actually. Season 11 is terrible all the way through, except for maybe "Last Tap Dance in Springfield". Season 12 has "Trilogy of Error", a relatively creative episode that's not especially funny but it's at least interesting.

But even in the best episodes post season 10, I have a really hard time getting past how unlikable and obnoxious almost all the main characters become. I mean, they were never role models or anything, but Homer especially becomes a constant flaming jackass in season 10 and only rarely goes back. Moe becomes suicidal, Mr. Burns becomes a pushover weakling, Lisa becomes (even more of a) nagging killjoy, Flanders becomes a nearly psychopathic Christian fundamentalist, and in every case nearly everything else about the character is completely forgotten. By season 12 or so I feel like I hardly recognize these people at all anymore. And that was twelve years ago now. Jeez.
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