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Just retire Akaar already. Do we need to have a head of SF character, during the TV series they just tended to trot out an admiral when they needed a bit of top brass action

There are two canon heads of Starfleet: Admiral Morrow from TSFS and Admiral Bill from TUC. Personally, I was annoyed we never found out who held the position at all in the 24th century.
I thought Fleet Admiral Shanthi (seen in "Redemption, Part II" and mentioned in "The Pegasus") was supposed to be the head of Starfleet?
There's nothing indicating for sure she was, even that Memory Alpha page just says she was a senior officer with Starfleet Command. I suppose the title "Fleet Admiral" kind of implies she was, isn't Fleet Admiral Akaar's title? But then, she only has the pips of a Vice Admiral, and head of Starfleet should be a full Admiral.

This has me wondering, what about Leyton? One would think he'd be the head of Starfleet is he was trying to stage a coup, otherwise any officers who outrank him might have some serious objections to him taking control of the government. But then he too was only a Vice Admiral.
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